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MacLean Personal Injury has extensive experience as ICBC lawyers. Our team of knowledgeable, motivated and culturally diverse lawyers handles ICBC claims in Dawson Creek, Fort St John, Kelowna, Vernon, Vancouver, Surrey and throughout British Columbia. We have offices throughout the province and can also meet with you at your home or in the hospital if you are unable or too injured to come to us.

If you've been in an accident give us a call. We offer free advice without any commitment. Our Dawson Creek, Fort St John, Kelowna, Vancouver and Surrey ICBC claim lawyers take on ICBC claim cases on a contingency basis: you pay nothing up front and if no money is recovered from ICBC, we do not receive a fee. There is absolutely no reason for you not to call us now.

Be Prepared – Why should I hire one of your ICBC claims lawyers?

ICBC hires and pays insurance adjusters and lawyers to negotiate against you.  They are trained and required to be fair but at the same time to minimize the pay-outs for your motorcycle, truck and car accident ICBC claims. You have to be prepared, and develop a strategy to get a fair result that represents the maximum cash settlement possible for your ICBC claim.

Are you prepared to discuss your claim with ICBC’s insurance adjusters and lawyers so that you get all the money you deserve for your pain and suffering, lost wages, diminished future earnings, out-of-pocket medical costs, and cost of future care?  Did you know that you may also be entitled to money for your Loss of Housekeeping Capacity, Family Member Help, Management Fees for your Award, and Special Damages? Generally speaking, the ICBC insurance adjusters won’t offer you money for every area you might be entitled to, unless you know what to ask for.

By calling us at  604-576-5400, or toll free at 1.877.602.9900, you can ensure that you will get the most money you deserve.  (Studies show that people who settle their ICBC claims with the help of a lawyer usually receive up to 3.5 times as much money as those who attempt to do it on their own.)  You can also use our convenient online form to schedule your FREE, no obligation, initial consultation with one of our ICBC claims lawyers.

Remember, we will deal with ICBC to make sure you get the maximum compensation you deserve.

ICBC Claims: Five Costly Mistakes

As ICBC claims lawyers, we’ve seen countless individuals make the same ICBC claim mistakes that cost you time, misery and money — three issues that can be minimized during this stressful period in your life, by calling us instead.

Here are five of these costly mistakes:

  1. Not understanding your rights – Know your rights, what you are entitled to and how the system works. For example, once you file an ICBC claim, you are not required to meet with an adjuster right away. It may come as a surprise, but ICBC does not have your best interests at heart. As a large corporation, their objective is to save money wherever possible. Research your rights and/or consult an ICBC lawyer.
  2. Avoiding medical help or trying to be a hero – Always see a doctor for medical assessment after an accident and report every injury, no matter how small it may seem. Why? You need to find out exactly what your injuries are and how to treat them. Not only does your ICBC injury need to be properly documented, the full impact of the injuries may not be understood for several weeks after the accident. If the pain worsens, return to that same doctor. The more detailed your medical records are, the better off you will be regardless of whether you settle your claim through mediation or if your ICBC claim case has to go to trial.
  3. Not taking notes – Immediately following your accident start recording notes related to the accident. Use a journal or file folder to accumulate every accident detail you can remember. You should record not only the accident-site basics, but also log visits to the doctor, notes on your injuries, days of missed work, and any costs or other expenses related to the accident. Also helpful are photographs of the accident site, your injuries and your vehicle. A file like this will help you remember details during an often overwhelming and emotional period; and will greatly assist the ICBC lawyer helping you on your case.
  4. Signing an ICBC Statement – You are not required to admit fault in any accident.  Take some time to recover and prepare for your interview with an ICBC claim adjuster.  You have up to 30 days from the date of the accident to file a written report.  You should consider using this time to meet with one of our experienced ICBC car accident lawyers.   We can even submit a statement on your behalf.  If you decide to meet with the ICBC claim adjuster on your own, be sure to review the statement very carefully for any errors or missing information, which could be held against you in the future.
  5. Accepting early settlement – You may be offered a settlement early on in your case which may be less money that what you are entitled to receive. If you are still suffering from your injuries and/or are unhappy with their offer, be sure to consult with one of our experienced ICBC motorcycle, truck and car accident lawyers. Once you accept an offer from ICBC, you cannot seek any more money–your case is closed.

Why Turn to the MacLean Personal Injury lawyers?

Our ICBC motorcycle, truck and car accident lawyers know how to get you the most money you deserve.  We will meet with you for FREE and we don’t get paid until we get you your money.  Our ICBC personal injury team has the experience you need to get you up to 3.5 times as much money as what you might get on your own.

If you’ve been in a motorcycle, truck, or car accident, you deserve to have the best possible representation and get the most money possible.

Please call the MacLean Personal Injury lawyers now at 604-576-5400 for a FREE consultation now. Our friendly ad personable ICBC claim lawyers are savvy, motivated and driven–we will help you receive the most compensation for your injuries.  We have lawyers that speak a variety of languages including – Cantonese, Mandarin, Punjabi, Hindi and Farsi.

Call us direct at 604-576-5400, toll free at 1.877.602.9900, or use our convenient online form to schedule an appointment today.

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